VirtualBox: increase disk size of Manjaro guest

I was playing around with Manjaro in VirtualBox. When I created the VM, I gave it only 12GB disk space.

As I began to love Manjaro, and used it more often, I decided to increase disk size.

First step was to open the VirtualBox Virtual Media Manager, select the disk and increase it to 20GB:

VirtualBox Virtual Media Manager


After booting the VM, I still needed to increase the root partition (I did not set up LVM). I opened GParted in the VM Guest, removed the swap partition so I could increase the root partition but left the last 2 GB for the new swap partition:



After a reboot, I saw the following error during boot:

ERROR: resume: hibernation device 'xxx' not found

It took quite a while for the VM to boot.

After some investigation, it seemed that the problem was caused by deleting and creating a new swap partition. The reason is that this new partition, although it was still /dev/sda2, now had a new uuid.

The solution was to replace the old uuid with the new one in /etc/fstab, and /etc/default/grub, followed by a “sudo update-grub” and another reboot.


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