Extreme BOSS: Failed to remove IP address. Code 32

When trying to change the management IP of a Nortel/Avaya/Extreme BOSS switch to another VLAN, you may sometimes see this error.

This error indicates that the IP cannot be removed, since it is currently in use.

First of all, make sure you are not logged in to the switch using the IP you are trying to remove/change. Log in using another VLAN IP, or using serial connection.

Also, check if the management IP is the switch or stack IP:

Switch#show ip
Bootp/DHCP Mode: BootP When Needed

                      Configured        In Use        Last BootP/DHCP
                    --------------- --------------- --------------------
Stack IP Address:               
Switch IP Address:
Switch Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:          

Check which VLAN is the current management VLAN:

Switch#sho vlan
Id  Name                 Type     Protocol         PID      Active IVL/SVL Mgmt
--- -------------------- -------- ---------------- -------- ------ ------- ----
1   VLAN #1              Port     None             0x0000   Yes    IVL     No
        Port Members: 1/1-26
2   VLAN #11             Port     None             0x0000   Yes    IVL     Yes
        Port Members: 1/26

You first have to remove the IP from the current management VLAN before you can set the management VLAN to the new VLAN, and then configure the new IP address. If you try to change the management VLAN when the new or old VLAN has an IP assigned, you’ll get:

Switch(config)#vlan mgmt 12 
% Old or new mgmt VLAN has IPv4 address assigned or IPv6 interface attached.

However, when trying to remove the current IP, you might get “Failed to remove IP address. Code 32”:

Switch#conf t
Switch(config)#int vlan 11
Switch(config)#no ip address
Failed to remove IP address. Code 32.

Most probably, this is because you’re using radius authentication (also called NetLogin on BOSS). Check your running config for these lines:

cli password switch telnet radius
cli password stack telnet radius
cli password switch serial radius
cli password stack serial radius

If you find any of the above lines, change “radius” to “local” and you should be good to go.

Switch(config)#int vlan 11
Switch(config)#no ip address
Switch(config)#vlan mgmt 12
Switch(config)#int vlan 12
Switch(config)#ip address

Once the mgmt IP/VLAN has been set up correctly, you can re-activate netlogin.

Switch(config)#cli password switch telnet radius

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