Stack member numbering

When building a stack of multiple Avaya/Extreme ERS (Ethernet Routing Switch) switches, it happens from time to time that the stack member numbering seems a bit strange.

This happened a few times to me, after I connected the stacking cables, selected a base using the rear-panel base switch and booted the devices almost at the same time.

The stack first stack member shows up as number 8, the second as number 2:

4950GTS-PWR+#show stack-info
Unit# Switch Model Pluggable Pluggable Pluggable Pluggable SW Version
Port Port Port Port
----- ---------------- --------- --------- --------- ---------- ----------
2 4950GTS-PWR+ (49) None (50) SR v7.5.0.007
8 4950GTS-PWR+ (49) None (50) SR v7.5.0.007

Note that when you enter “show stack-info” on an ERS, the port LEDs will indicate the corresponding number on the device. This can be very useful!

To correct the stack numbers, enter the following. Note that the stack will reboot to apply the new stack numbering:

4950GTS-PWR+#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
4950GTS-PWR+(config)#renumber unit
%Renumbering stack units will cause an automatic reset
Are you sure you want to renumber the stack (y/n) ? y
Enter new unit number for unit 8 : 1
Enter new unit number for unit 2 : 2
Enter new unit number for unit 1 : 3
Enter new unit number for unit 3 : 4

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